Our Brand

Established in 1996, THE MOD HOUSE is proud to take its place as Malaysia’s foremost home-grown fashion label for the contemporary working woman.

‘MOD’ being an abbreviation for ‘Malaysian Original Designs’, the brand is dedicated to redefining corporate wear for women, understanding the demands of the modern working lifestyle.

Specializing in affordable ready-to-wear styles that are both functional and versatile, each design has nonetheless gone through a meticulous pairing of textures and prints, which is brought out through top-class workmanship to create every contemporary and stylish statement piece.

What truly sets THE MOD HOUSE apart is its signature cut reminisce of the classically tailored silhouette. The secret lies simply in painstaking experimentation and testing, resulting in the best possible fit for various body types.

Keeping in mind the discerning and sophisticated tastes of a burgeoning professional female demographic, the brand embodies the multi-tasking needs of today’s female with its range of career, casual and evening wear.

THE MOD HOUSE is an established designers brand since 1996. MOD, abbreviation of Malaysian Original Design, the brand is all about designing fashion for the cosmopolitan women today.